GWL#88: Why Are Testosterone Levels Dropping in Young Men – Dr Amir Eslami

Testosterone is often seen as the “male” hormone, but how much do you really know about this crucial hormone and its effects on men’s health? In this eye-opening episode, Dr. Amir breaks down everything you need to know about testosterone. He covers what testosterone is, its role in male development and function, why testosterone levels […]

GWL#87: From Urban Kid to Farming Pro – Muhsen Hassanin

We’re thrilled to be back with an all-new episode. In this special comeback episode, we take you to the picturesque Harmony Farm in Wales. Our guest, Muhsen Hassanin, shares his incredible journey from the buzzing streets of London to the tranquil fields of farming. Muhsen explores the transformative power of connecting with nature, the insights […]

GWL#86: The Ultimate Guide to Supercharging Your Health – Ammar Akbar

In this Episode, we’re joined by the incredible and insightful Ammar Akbar. Together, we embarked on a thought-provoking conversation about health, wellness, and personal development. We delved into the fascinating concept of the “Four Pillars of Health,” exploring the significance of sleep, stress management, physical activity, and even the surprising impact of light. You wont […]

GWL#85: Bradford Exposed: Sajad Explains It All!

Sajad and Asim join us on this special podcast episode to discuss the leadership transition at Charity Right. Sajad, the former CEO, shares what led to his decision to step down after 11 years and pass the torch to new leadership. We learn about his origins growing up in the close-knit Pakistani community of Bradford, […]

GWL#84: Therapy Demystified with Ramiz Ibrahim

On this episode, we’ve got Ramiz Ibrahim joining us to talk about an eclectic mix of thought-provoking topics. We’re talking everything from patient-centered therapy to the delicate balance between independence and caring for aging parents. Plus, we’ll explore the impact of Western influence, the significance of good character, and the joys and challenges of fatherhood. […]

GWL#83: Documenting Injustice: Ramadan Younis’ Mission

In this episode we sit down with the talented journalist Ramadan Younis, who’s all the way from Egypt! He shares his inspiring journey into journalism and talks about his passion for investigative journalism and making documentaries that highlight issues of inequality, injustice, and corruption. And wait, there’s more! He also talks about his personal experience […]

GWL#78: Every Man Needs An Edge | Ramiz Ibrahim

Welcome to this incredible episode, where we sit down with Ramiz Ibrahim – a psychotherapist and counsellor who specialises in everything from Hijama therapy to holistic medicine. We dive deep into the unique challenges faced by fathers raising daughters today. From marriage advice during times of stress & anxiety (especially surrounding young men’s masculinity) to […]

GWL#51: Martial Arts Films and Coaching | Dr Amir Eslami & Khalid Ismail

In this Episode, Dr Amir Eslami and Khalid Ismail are back to debate the top 5 Martial Arts films and their impact as well as their experience teaching and coaching – with a lot of bants sprinkled in! Enjoy! -=-=-=-=- 🎙️. To listen to the podcast: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and Amazon Music: -=-=-=-=- […]

GWL#50 🎊 🎉: Surviving The Death Zone On Mount Everest | Akke Rahman

Many climbers have lost their lives trying to summit Mount Everest. In this Episode, mountaineer Akke Rahman, the first British Muslim to climb Mount Everest shares with us his story on how he survived the death zone – an area above 26,000ft where oxygen levels are so low that it’s difficult to breathe. We hope […]

GWL#49: Staying Calm In Leg Lock City | Daniel Usman

In this Episode, we’re joined by Purple Belt, Daniel Usman; fresh from his @RAW Grappling Championship win. We breakdown his fight, discuss his struggles with dyslexia and overcoming barriers, getting into optometry, staying humble and growing in life and Jiu Jitsu. Also, big shout out to Danny’s mum for the footage 😁 Enjoy! -=-=-=-=- 🎙️. […]