GWL#42: Exposing Fake Martial Arts with @McDojoLife | Rob Ingram

In this Episode, Rob from @McDojoLifetakes us on a journey detailing how he has spent years researching and exposing the dark side of martial arts. He started McDojo Life as a way to share his findings, but quickly realised that the industry full-of fraudulent instructors who prey on vulnerable people looking for self defence skills […]

GWL#41: The Truth About Masculinity | Dr Amir Eslami @Legion Grappling Academy

In this Episode, Dr Amir Eslami joins us for some serious and light hearted conversation. In a world where masculinity is constantly being questioned, we discuss what it mean to be a man in today’s climate. What values should a man seek in his spouse and vice versa and obviously have some GWL branded banter! […]

GWL#39: The Chronicles Of A Jiu Jitsu Nomad | Mohammed Doty @QatarMMA

In this Episode, BJJ Black Belt, Professor Mohammed Doty shares his story of how he was shipped off at 16 from Colorado in the USA to the deserts of the UAE by his mother, where there were no distractions from violence or crime back home. He talks about being skeptical at first and becoming obsessed […]

GWL#38: The Truth About Charitable Donations | Urfat Hussain

In this Episode, Entrepreneur, Semi Pro Footballer and @Charity Right Advocate Urfat Hussain comes back to discuss his experiences travelling to the most affected areas distributing aid. A real eye opening episode! Enjoy! -=-=-=-=- 🎙️. To listen to the podcast: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and Amazon Music: -=-=-=-=- 👕 Get GWL Merch: 🌐 […]

GWL#37: Muslim History In Britain | AbdulMaalik Tailor @Muslim History Tours

In this Episode, we are joined by Muslim Tour Guide Abdul Malik Tailor. He run s a tour guide agency (@Muslim History Tours ), we get an amazing insight into the history of Islam and Muslims in UK. This episode will definitely give you a different perspective of Islamic History in the UK and Europe! […]

GWL#36: Wrestling The American Dream | Mike Torriero

In this Episode, Mike Torriero gives a thorough history of the American College Wrestling System as well as an insight to what makes America one of the power houses of World Wrestling. -=-=-=-=- 🎙️. To listen to the podcast: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and Amazon Music: -=-=-=-=- 👕 Get GWL Merch: 🌐 Check […]

GWL#35: Skateboarding Blind | Zayd Spearan

In this Episode, BJJ Black Belt Zayd Spearan is back in the studio. We discuss his dramatic weight loss through intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet, skateboarding blind and breaking his tibia, injury recovery and more! Enjoy -=-=-=-=- 🎙️. To listen to the podcast: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and Amazon Music: -=-=-=-=- 👕 Get […]

GWL#34: Palestinian Jiu Jitsu Is Alive And Well | Oussama Khaled

In this Episode, We catch up with Gracie Barra Black Belt, Oussama Khaled from Houston, Texas – The Palestinian Cowboy! We find out some Palestinian history and the plight of our Palestinian brothers and sisters and what makes the Palestinians so special. We settle the age old debate on how Maklouba is made (Palestinian Rice […]

GWL#33: Mental Toughness Through Martial Arts | Khalid Ismail

In this Episode, We catch up with the big homie Khalid Ismail, we discuss running businesses, dealing with troublesome customers, mental toughness, why kids should train Martial Arts and how it affects their self esteem and much more! Enjoy!! Follow Khalid’s Journey: Khalid Ismail Academy: Khalid’s Instagram: -=-=-=-=- 🎙️. To listen to the […]