GWL#85: Bradford Exposed: Sajad Explains It All!

Sajad and Asim join us on this special podcast episode to discuss the leadership transition at Charity Right.

Sajad, the former CEO, shares what led to his decision to step down after 11 years and pass the torch to new leadership. We learn about his origins growing up in the close-knit Pakistani community of Bradford, and the experiences over the last decade that have shaped his perspective.

We also meet Asim, the new Charity Right CEO. He provides background on his career in tech, marketing and the charity sector. Asim explains his vision for evolving Charity Right’s digital presence and donor experiences going forward.

Additional topics include:

-Visiting Bradford for the first time
-Comparing pace of life in London vs. Bradford
-Past racial divides in Bradford
-Importance of valuing family time
-Origins of the Charity Right website
-Sajad’s next chapter working with Muslim startups

Join us for an insightful insider’s view into this leadership transition at one of the UK’s most prominent Muslim charities. Both guests provide an interesting window into Charity Right’s past, present and future.

0:00 – Introduction

2:24 – Meeting the New CEO
5:06 – Bradford’s Community
9:22 – Visiting Bradford

15:28 – Bradford Demographics
17:54 – Bradford’s Curry

21:35 – London vs. Bradford
27:27 – Parking in London
33:31 – Racial Divides in Bradford
38:00 – Lifestyle in Algeria
42:38 – Knowing Thy Neighbor
44:50 – Valuing Family Time

48:13 – Leadership Transition
53:09 – Asim’s Background
1:04:42 – Website Origins

1:13:45 – Time for Change
1:33:15 – Sajad’s Next Chapter
1:36:43 – Charity Right’s Future
1:38:28 – Appreciations

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