GWL#86: The Ultimate Guide to Supercharging Your Health – Ammar Akbar

In this Episode, we’re joined by the incredible and insightful Ammar Akbar. Together, we embarked on a thought-provoking conversation about health, wellness, and personal development. We delved into the fascinating concept of the “Four Pillars of Health,” exploring the significance of sleep, stress management, physical activity, and even the surprising impact of light. You wont want to miss this one!

Khalid Ismail’s Carb It Right:

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0:00 – Intro and background on Amar

5:50 – Amar’s health issues and starting his nutrition/health journey

11:05 – Amar’s football career and transition to studying health/nutrition

17:02 – Challenges for Asian footballers in the UK

23:14 – Turning point for Amar – letting go of football to focus on Islam and health

33:35 – Defining longevity and insights from Amar’s grandfather

39:43 – The four cornerstones of health

42:17 – Explaining metabolism and its role in health

53:11 – How stress and cortisol levels affect sleep

1:21:38 – The importance of a balanced diet and food sequencing

1:24:27 – Eating mindfully using our senses, Sunnah techniques

1:30:03 – Intro to mad honey and plans to try it

1:43:53 – Wrap up and closing


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